The ExPat


The ExPat

Amazing people. Incredible places. Unbelievable events. All are everyday occurrences on The ExPat, world traveler and Tony Smith’s captivating new series. Tony takes his audience on exhilarating, unorthodox journeys to well-known and not-so-well known locales around the world, exploring the fascinating cultures and landscapes that conventional series usually miss.

Tony’s passion for adventure and a nomadic lifestyle, coupled with an unrelenting drive to share new languages, customs and cuisines with a wider audience, yield one-of-a-kind stories that cannot be scripted or planned. Drawing upon his own resourcefulness and calling upon an extensive global network of in-the-know and well-connected contacts, Tony gives his audience unrestrained access to the unseen corners that the other guys miss: whether through back-alley fine dining or VIP backstage concert access,  The ExPat ventures into the most vital, vibrant and real aspects of every country and culture it touches.

Whether it be learning a local recipe with a village gourmet, glorying in the majesty of an exotic beach, exploring an ancient temple, venturing into a natural wilderness, creeping though the urban jungle, or going behind the scenes at a concert, fashion event or art exhibit, The ExPat delivers an eclectic mix of experiences in each show.  Viewers experience the magic – and gain the inspiration and insider information they need to create adventures of their own.

The ExPat’s breathtaking imagery is coupled with Tony’s dynamic first-person camera work, rugged baritone narration, and unerring instinct for seeking out the new and exciting create compelling narratives of adventure and discovery. His personal philosophy of “finding something to like in every person you meet and every place you go” makes The ExPat the ideal vessel for revealing and sharing an ever-expanding network of human connections – and amazing experiences – that resonate with any viewer curious about the amazing world they live in.