Beyond Television.

Beyond the ordinary. Beyond the boring. Beyond the cookie-cutter rubber-stamp replication of tired formulas and timeworn cliches. That’s where Explorable*Films takes TV: To the edge, and beyond.

Our own shows are scintillating, captivating and exciting slices of real – but often unbelievable – ┬álife in all of its fascinating glory, captured in the wild, expertly packaged, and delivered as polished, irresistible must-see/must-share presentations. We take viewers with us to some of the most captivating corners of the globe, place them in the company of the world’s most intriguing and offbeat people – and make TV magic happen. The results are thoroughly modern, thoroughly mesmerizing creations that transcend the usual limitations of television, embodying the look, feel, and sensation of unforgettable lived experiences – experiences that viewers want to return to again and again.

But what can we do for you? Well, the same thing: Make magic happen. In the hands of Explorable*Films, your concept comes fully alive. We’re experts in recognizing your vision – then capturing it, creating it, and polishing it to perfection. The finished project is the perfect incarnation of your concept, imbued with signature style and enriched with the full benefits that vision, expertise, dedication, and an absolute commitment to craft can provide.