Where does your story live?

 Answer: Wherever you want it to.

Explorable*Films are masters of the fine art of location scouting: The perfect pairing of setting with artistic vision. We make it our job to identify seemingly purpose-created locations that match both the practical and aesthetic considerations of your project, and provide your production team with the perfect settings and unparalleled access needed to depict your story’s authentic, singular message. Whether it’s a dry desert scene the Sahara or a lush tropical temple in the jungles of Siam, we can take you there – and get you home with the footage and images that perfectly match your creative vision.

Explorable helps with the small but crucial details that can make the difference between a project’s success or failure. Our location scouts begin with one distinct advantage over our competition: We know our territories. We have lived, worked, and traveled in the areas we research on your behalf; we have a strong baseline knowledge of the unique attributes and deficits of each location, and can provide expert insight and counsel so that you know precisely what to expect and what to prepare for.

We make it our job to give you a full understanding and feel of a site before your crew arrives, and deliver the access and intelligence needed to maximize every minute of valuable production time. Through still photography and video/cinematography, we’ll fully prequalify your location – and bring back the images you need for preproduction, b-roll, or the backdrop for your ad campaign.

If desired, we can prepare and develop a fully immersive digital experience customized for your next production outing. Your crew can access HD footage, interactive maps, local contacts and vital site information through a single interface accessible through web, laptop or handheld devices – all available even before you arrive on set.

Ready for the extraordinary in location research? Call us. If you’ve got a story that’s looking for a home, Explorable are just the people to find it.