At the dawn of the digital revolution, we were there.

Before there was widespread internet access, before common use of laptops, smart phones wifi – Explorable*Films’ principals were busy creating digital media, working with cutting-edge technology to develop the newest, latest and best across a full range of media.

Music events. Stage shows. Video installations. Film projects. We did it all. And at the beginning of the web revolution, we were there, creating online “wow” experiences for some of America’s most visionary companies – and some of its biggest brands.

Put simply: We get it. We know how digital communication is done, and done well. We’ve built award-winning websites, function-packed apps, and groundbreaking digital mapping systems in addition to the video and film work that is our stock in trade. What this means is that our clients experience unparalleled expertise across the entirety of the digital communication chain: From the first video preproduction stages to final delivery on a viewer’s mobile device, we’ve got the skill, creativity, knowledge and vision to ensure excellence at each stage in the process.

What have you got to say? We’ll help you say it better, smarter, faster, cheaper, with deeper reach and stronger audience engagement across all known electronic media. More than fifteen years of immersive, hands-on experience in every aspect of the media we work with has given us the experience and expertise it takes to deliver outstanding work.

Got a digital vision? We’ll make it a reality. Guaranteed.